Why Should you be part of the Collective?

When we set out to build Snapshot Collective we wanted it to be different than other photo sites. The last thing we want to be is another stock photography website, which is why you won't find any photography available for download on Snapshot Collective.  We wanted to create a community where the photographer takes center stage, and the customer knows a little bit about the person they are buying their photo from, which is why everyone of our members gets their own dedicated page.  Unlike a lot of online photo galleries that have no real world location we have a brick and mortar gallery in Seattle, Washington where our members photography is featured in monthly artwalks.  In addition to that presence, we actively promote your work to our wide range of clientel, through a variety of different channels that we have built up over the past decade from marketing and selling photography. We provide valuable resources and insight about various photo hikes, photo tips and tutorials, all to help you become the best photogrpaher you can be.  We also host photo seminars and tutorials at our physical location in Seattle. 


Lastly your photo prints will be produced by Stretch and Staple a professional photo lab specializing in large format fine art photography with free nationwide shipping for Snapshot Collective members and their customers.


Commission Structure:

We have three ways for you to price your photos:


The only cost that comes out of your sales price is the cost of the print.  For instance, a 32" x 32" canvas print at the Enthusiast level will sell for $400.00

$400 - 165 (cost of printing) = $235 straight to your wallet to pay for your next photo expedition