Vishal Goklani

Vishal is a desk jockey who loves to get out and explore. He is particularly interested in watery things and places that have trees.


He also loves a good party and is a budding wedding photographer. He loves his girlfriend, his Subaru Forester, and money so buy his prints or he will cry.

Famous Photo: "Tolmie Peak"

Joel Clarin


“The foundation of my photography is the exploration of perception, translation, and interpretation.”

Joel is a devoted traditional film artist who mainly works in 120mm and 4x5 film formats for his personal work. Whether it’s film or digital, his work reflects a desire to further abstract the photograph from the actual place and time.

Famous Photo: "Lake Taal"

Taylor McAtee

Taylor has been a landscape photographer and artist residing in the PNW since 2008 and has a large collection of western vistas and lanscapes. 


He also maintains a pretty unique collection of urban photography from the Seattle area if you are looking for something of that nature.


Famous Photo: "60 Pike"

Snapshot Artists:

Amber Leaders


“I quit my job as a digital artist in 2012. I had been working in the animation industry since 2001 in various styles. I decided I would really like to work on my own style and go a more traditional route (although I still do most of my work digitally). I have been participating in my local art walks, posting art in local coffee shops and I love it!It's a thrill for me to hear that my art makes people smile. I heard that in the first show and ever since, it has been the anthem of my art work. If I can make one person smile, my job is done. I hope you enjoy my art and thank you so much for stopping by!

Famous Art: "Seattle Skyline"


Color in Space Inc.


Color in Space Inc. was founded by Emily Lauderback in 2005 after she had been working as an independent interior designer and color consultant for two years.  During those first two years, Emily was also employed as a Math Coach within the Seattle Public School District training teachers on the most current curriculum and methodology. A methodology based in Constructivism. Her background in education and passion for empowering individuals is the mission behind Color in Space. It’s in Emily’s spirit to serve the masses, and Color in Space is her way of blending her decade-long education career and design work.

Andrzej Montaño


I have been chasing animals around the landscape with a camera basically since I was old enough to do so.  My favorite subject is wildlife (anything fast, love a challenge), though I occasionally dabble in landscapes.  

As a Seattle native, most of my photographs are from the Pacific Northwest, but I have spent significant time overseas which is reflected in my collection.  

My spirit animal is the disheveled heron.

Derek Cordova


I love photography because of the stories that I can tell with them. I mean I can literally show a story step by step, and being able to share those adventures with others and inspire them to get out and see nature for what it truly is. That is why I love taking photos.

Shawn Nichols


Hello, my name is Shawn Nichols. I am a photographer and a Pacific Northwest native.

I grew up in the area, but moved away for a decade. When I returned I felt like a visitor exploring another planet.

My passion is capturing the people and places of the Pacific Northwest in their natural state; otherworldly, beautiful, eccentric.

Kristopher Sophiea


This series of photos is a representation of different cultures through texture and color.  Many of the pieces tend to stray towards the abstract direction to evoke a feeling unique to each person.  There were many moments in extremely isolated locals I considered trashing my burdensome camera equipment but I persevered and of course it was worth it.  I hope you enjoy!

Favorite Photo: "Blue Cuba"

Sang Koh


I'm a designer and artists who loves the art of image making, using the camera as a tool to share the experience of my environment with the world. I hope that what I share adds value to all those who view it.


Famous Art: "Diamonds"

Lee Harper


I began my photography journey in earnest as a strategy for coping with the long, rainy, and dark Pacific Northwest winters. It worked!  I am not a Seattle native, but most of my pictures are. I enjoy finding a unique perspective on typically ordinary things, like moss on a tree, or the underbelly of a flower.    

Last year, I blurred a few photos by accident, and realized I really liked the result so I started experimenting. These abstract, sometimes dreamlike photos invite the viewer to get lost in essence of the photo – the color, the patterns, and the shapes.  This series includes some of my favorites, from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival to Puget Sound sunsets to a seagull sunning himself on the beach.