Our goal is to create a place where patrons can support the artists they love by purchasing their work online at a great price. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us below.

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FAQ's for Buyers


Do you deliver to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada?


Yes we do. It is $20 for delivery to any of the above.


How do I track my order?


You will get a tracking email when your artwork leaves our facility in Seattle, Washington


Who fulfills your orders?


We have partnered with Stretch and Staple a world class photo lab in Seattle, Washington to ensure that you get top quality prints of the artwork you have selected.

FAQ's for Sellers


All of my artwork is limited edition, how do you deal with that?


If your artwork is limited edition you will have the option to receive the print first so you can sign it, number it and provide a certificate of authenticity.  We will also include a pre printed label for the customer in the package, with a pickup scheduled for the day after the package arrives at your address.  We ask that you repackage your print with the instructions we have provided and have it ready for pickup the next day.


The scheduled pickup and shipping to you will be deducted from the sales price of the print, and comission will be paid once the print leaves your address.


To request this service please send us an email.


How are the metal prints mounted?


The metal prints are flush mounted in a 1.5" thick floater frame which can be viewed within any of our product images.


How are the canvas prints mounted and wrapped?


The canvas prints are mirror wrapped around a 1.5" thick stretcher frame which can be viewed within any of our product images.  This allows for minimal cropping of your images so that the buyer receives it the same way you intended for it to look.


Is there a limit to the number of photos I can submit?


Once, we approve you as an artist through your initial submission you can submit as many as you would like, but they should have some commercial viability. Meaning it should be something someone would be willing to purchase for their wall.